Welcome to Roboducks 

​For many years we are developing software in the HTL-Leonding for robo-soccer. In the upcoming season we are participating at the German Open, just passed the nomination process.

​We are the only Austrian team taking part in the German Open!




  • Erik Mayrhofer
  • Jan Neuburger
  • Florian Schwarcz
  • Maximilian Wahl
  • Christoph Knoll
  • Georg Sengstbratl
  • Florentin Gewessler
  • Lukas Gaisbauer
  • Jakob Wögerbauer
  • Quirin Ecker
  • Marc Kruiß
  • Simon Holzapfel
  • Robert Freiseisen
  • Emina Sljivic

Demo Humanoid Challenge

  • Nadia Bajim
  • Philipp Edlinger
  • Vanessa Primetzhofer
  • Reichl Sarah
  • Dietachmair Daniel
  • Holzer Theresa
  • Pichler Lara
  • Wögerbauer David
  • Crnčević Imad
  • Detta Alessandro
  • Hagenberger Nikos
  • Kücüklü Berkan
  • Preining Moritz
  • Wolfmayr Clemens
  • Wöss Michalis
  • Brunner Daniel


  • Samuel Kowatschek
  • Meris Besic
  • Jonas Dorfinger
  • Jakob Fitzinger
  • Tobias Höfler
  • Sebastian Scholl
  • Jonas Wiesinger


  • Peter Bauer
  • Franz Auernig

Humanoid Robotics is a part of the HTL Leonding's Program of Excellence which offers a range of different intensive courses. The main aim of Humanoid Robotics is to motivate students of our school to solve complex problems in the field of

  • Computer Vision
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Voice Recognition
  • Artificial Intelligence

The course is open for all students from 2nd to 5th grade who are interested in the above mentioned areas. The prerequisites are a good knowledge in programming and a strong focus in solving complex technical problems.

The course offers the following two tracks:

  • Basic Human Behaviour
    The Basic Humanoid Behavior addresses basic problems in programming humanoid robots like autonomous movements, natural interaction with humans, face recognition, speech recognition, etc.
    It is closely connected to the Demo Humanoid Challenge yearly held during the Austrian Open of the RoboCup Junior.
  • Robo Soccer
    In the Robo Soccer track the central aim is to build the software necessary to get a robo team for the Standard Platform League of the RoboCup. 


  • 2020
  • ​2019
  • 2018
  • 2017
  • April 22 - 26: RoboCup German Open at Magdeburg. The RoboDucks team will be at the German Open and try to get first touch with the worlds best teams of Standard Platform League.
  • February 28: Traumberuf Technik at the JKU (Johannes Kepler University)
  • February 26: PowerGirls
  • January 23 and 24:  Tag der offenen Tür at the HTL Leonding
  • January 10: Soccer demo at the My Informatics WorldCoderDojo
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